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ariane pellini


Ariane Pellini, born 1985

Self employed audio engineer since 2014.
Master of Arts in Arts and Design, Sound Design (spring 2014), FH Urstein, MMA.

Interested in new noise, wiggly air in every form and a prudent approach of capturing it.

Trusting in the collaborative work of people and their talent.

+ 43 660 8855883

instagram: tonfrau_ari


I am a classic one woman band on the set. I can be your utility sound technician, boom operator or mixer. I hide microphones and wire people, set time codes and support the camera and crew.

I appreciate the energy of a team that multiplies the spirit of the set goal in team work.

I am available for (documentary style) shootings, foley recordings, voice recording (off-voice, moderation or audio books).

working together with:

Red Bull Media House, ServusTV, ORF, media creation, Degn Film, Doppelkopf Studio, 24-mm, all-film, pulpmedia, Wiener Klappe, zweihund, Fuchs film, … tbc




You can also book my Voice only:

Every 3rd Monday of the Month you can stream my Radio Show “Reflectings Sound” on
You can listen to some shows on

You can enjoy my voice and personal musical taste.
Before that I worked for Radio Rockhouse on Radiofabrik and Uni Radio Salzburg on Radio Salzburg.


I am a recording engineer at tebes audio studio, Mainly for bands, set up as live recordings.

The band Shivering Fit did their albums “Therapy” (2019) and “Life, Death and the World in-between” (2021) with us.

At my home studio I do mostly (stereo) postproduction or voice recordings and editing.


Post production needed? I can check the audio material in your video, podcast, film or piece of art … mix or master your songs, do foley sound on your project or edit voices and effects.



Setup, Soundcheck, MIXING or REC, Supporting

Equipment available with booking.

Not only for bands, also for theater, performance and mixed arts that need sound.

working with:

tebes Audio, Salzburg Festival, ARGE kultur, Jazzit Salzburg, Mozarteum Sbg, MARK Sbg, Schmiede Hallein, Galerie 5020, Oval, Shakespeare, …

I WANT TO TOUR with you!

Available this autumn for going on TOUR with your production, either concerts, performances or documentary shootings.

I am ready for big stages & stories and can be your soundie.

Details about availability, equipment and prices:
+43 660 8855883